Refined Ladies

The process of having impurities or unwanted elements removed." That's the definition found when doing a search on the Internet for the word 'refined'. Christian women surrender to this process when the commit their lives to Christ and though this process is never easy, is sometimes painful, it is always amazing to see God's work in their lives!

Join the ladies of the Word of Life on this exciting journey. Small groups meet regularly as ladies encourage one another in this amazing process of being refined by God.

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Encouraging Words

Overcoming Life’s Distractions
Sometimes life is just outright overwhelming in so many areas, and for each and everyone of us. To a Dad trying to make ends meet and provide for his family, ...
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Back to School
Sometimes the first day of school isn't all that it's cut out to be... Soon, if not already, doors will open and students will pour down the freshly waxed floors ...
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