Be a Leader

Jeff Marchand Blog, Ladies, Men

I spent the week in KC, MO. During this time I had the privilege to attend our church organization’s annual conference and participate in voting for it’s leadership and helping to shape it’s future. Let me say that I am grateful for the servant leadership of our church organization. We are blessed with both it’s past leadership and its present.

While I was in the area I also had the opportunity to attend a handful of museums, including President Truman’s library. While I have a lot of take-aways from the week one that is fresh on my mind today is LEADERSHIP.

Also, after learning more about our country’s history this week I recognize the role of it’s leadership during those challenging times. I am grateful for the many men & women who positively shaped this country with their God-fearing leadership.

With our country’s current status, it is clear that there is a lot of division, etc. We are NOT united right now as a country! Today I hope & pray that each American citizen would first recognize THEMSELVES as a leader. It doesn’t matter if you’re a grandparent, father, mother, sibling, child…you have the capability to be a positive leader!

We lead with our attitude, behavior and words. Learn to lead yourself first before trying to lead others. Lead yourself with prayer, teachability, self-control, and involvement in serving others with kindness. By doing this you may soon look over your shoulder and find that others are following you. Be the light! Be a leader!