Back to School

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Sometimes the first day of school isn’t all that it’s cut out to be…

Soon, if not already, doors will open and students will pour down the freshly waxed floors heading to their first class. While some students  anticipate this day,  for some it is a  day of doom and gloom.   Anxious feelings are normal and expected during times of transition or change.   Here are a few ways to help your child cope with the back to school worries.

  • Encourage your child to share their fears or anxiety. Take extra time to go for walks, bike rides or drives in the car, allowing your child an opportunity to open up and share their feelings.
  • Routine, Routine, Routine – Set a routine for your child and stick with it. This will help to ease their anxiety.
  • Healthy Habits – Healthy eating and snacking. A morning breakfast fuel their bodies for the day, like gas for the car.
  • Sleep is a vital need, essential to a child’s health and growth. Sleep promotes alertness, memory and performance. Children who get enough sleep are more likely to function better and are less prone to behavioral problems and moodiness.

Recommended Sleep: for school aged children 6-13 is 9-11 hours

Teenagers 14-17 8-10 hours

  • Take hassle out of morning rush hour  – together with your child, pack up the schoolbag the night before.
  • Tour the school – Go to school several times – walking, driving, or taking the bus, visit the classroom, bathrooms and cafeteria meet the teachers and talk about safety.
  • Praise and reward your child for brave behavior!
  • Most important— Pray with your child and ask the blessing and protection of the Lord over them in their day!